Commemorative Opportunities

Would you like to name a Park after a loved one? Or recognize your business or organization on a ball diamond or shelter? Maybe a walking path for a family memorial? How about a park bench or table? Please see below the naming opportunities and recognitions. For more information on Commemorative Opportunities please contact the Parks for People at 219-869-1272 or the Jasper Foundation at 219-866-5899

Please Make Any Donations Payable To The Jasper Newton Foundation with a "Parks for People" in the memo line

Our Future Brookside 8.5x9.5
Our Future Staddon 8.5x10.25
Commemorative Staddon-Monnett 11-7-17-1
Commemorative Additions-1
Dog Park 8.5x11

A. Those opportunities listed in BOLD are available to be named. Those not in bold will be in the overall campaign recognition system.

B. Please check with:

        1) Your solicitor or

        2) Call the Parks for People Campaign Office (219.869.1272) to

C. Those marked with an (*) will be recognized according to the guidelines in the Acknowledging Your Gift document given to you by a trained solicitor of the Parks for People Campaign.

D. Please check with your solicitor or call the Parks for People Campaign Office (219-869-1272) to verify the availability of your choice.

E. All contributions are pooled in the best interest of the Parks projects. Final project allocations will be decided upon once the majority of the pledges have been received. All naming opportunities & recognitions cannot be confirmed until the final project allocations have been made.

Questions About the Parks for People

Please contact Jasper Newton Foundation at 219-866-5899 or email:


Next Steps...

Would you like to join as a volunteer on the Parks for People Campaign? We would love to have you! Or if you want to make a contribution we sincerely appreciate your support!!